Hiking and climbing in a stunning panorama

All cable-cars, Alpine pastures and peaks are directly within the hotel’s reach.

We go on a hike from one pasture to the next; or we speed up a bit and take you mountaineering. Our daily guided hiking tours are great adventures for everybody and will show you the most beautiful spots of your holiday region. Our guests ride free on the Gartnerkofel chairlift! Once you get to the panorama, you will enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Alps - Dolomites, and Julian Alps.

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Sunrise hike

Experiencing the sunrise in the mountains is something you will never forget. Martin, your Gartnerkofel landlord, will take you to our sunrise spot “Gugger” via Garnitzen-Thörl early in the morning. After the strenuous hike you have deserved a hearty breakfast on the Alpine pasture!

The hike and the Alpine breakfast are both absolute delights!

Picnic on the alpine pasture with your landlord

The picnic on the Winkelalm pasture is organised once a week and is an absolute highlight for every holiday at Gartnerkofel hotel. From our hotel, you can take various routes (from 1 hour to 4.5 hours hiking time) up to the pasture. The Nassfeld hosts Martin Waldner (Gartnerkofel), Hans Plattner (Plattner Hotel) and Livio Fedrigo (Wulfenia da Livio) organise a joint barbecue. For everyone with sore feet or otherwise tired of hiking, the Gartnerkofel Alpine vehicle will take you right up to the picnic spot.

Ibex tour – Cima di Terra Rossa

First, we go to Italy in a private car, then on the 2.5 hours hike up to the Cima di Terra Rossa (2,420 m). Something special at this tour: you can watch many ibexes in close-up. At the end of the tour we will visit the Brazza mountain restaurant.

Daily hiking tours – well guided

We will show you the locals’ favourite spots. Together with the Gartnerkofel team, you will experience the nature on the Nassfeld with other eyes. We will go up and down with you, show you every rock and will share interesting stories with you.

Sunrise hike with martin

Together, we will enjoy the breath-taking view from the Auernig mountain at sunrise. We walk past the hotel, pass the Plattner Alpenhotel, and go up to Watschiger Alm pasture, up on the Auernig mountain. After such a strenuous hike, we all deserve a hearty breakfast in the mountains. This hike is “delight at its best” – ask your landlord, he will agree.

  • Meeting point: ca. 4:40am Hotel Gartnerkofel (depending on sunrise)
  • Duration: ca. 3 hours

Garnitzenklamm gorge with Heinz

We take the car to Möderndorf, where the Garnitzenklamm gorge begins. We will make friends with Carinthia’s most beautiful gorge, sometimes also nicknamed “long gorge”. It consists of six parts; we will hike through the first three parts. We will see big and small waterfalls. Via St. Urbani, we will go back to our starting point. We will take a break at the Garnitzenklamm restaurant. A sure foot and no vertigo are a prerequisite for this trip.

  • Entrance fee: € 2,50/person
  • Meeting point: 8:30am with the private car in front of the Hotel Gartnerkofel
  • Duration: ca. 5 hours

Try-out hikes with Hans Plattner

We will take off from Gartnerkofel hotel around 10:15am via Rossalm pasture to the show dairy at Tressdorfer Alm pasture, which we will visit. Afterwards we come back to the sunny terrace of Plattner Alpenhotel.

  • Meeting point: 10:15am Hotel Gartnerkofel
  • Duration: ca. 2 hours
  • Altitude: ca. 200 m

Hike to the Egger Alm pasture with Hans Plattner

From Gartnerkofel hotel you go to Plattner Alpenhotel, where you will meet your guide Hans. Going uphill to Garnitzentörl, then downhill to Garnitzenalm pasture – beautiful forests and trails along Alpine pines take you up to Stutenboden pasture and then further up towards the peak. After a short uphill walk, we will reach a forest road leading up to Kersnitzenalm pasture, then along a hunter's trail to Schlosshüttensattel pass and onwards to the Egger Alm pasture, where we will take a break.

  • Meeting point: 8am Hotel Gartnerkofel
  • Duration: ca. 5 hours (14 km)
  • Altitude: ca. 510 m
  • Moderate hike
  • Return by taxi: € 15,00 per person

Gartnerkofel with Hans

Meet your guide at the Plattner Alpenhotel. You will pass the Watschiger Alm pasture, walk towards the junction under the Gartnerkofel rock, up to the east to the Gartnerkofel mountain, past the mountain station of the quad chairlift, and finally you will head northeast to Gartnerkofel-Thörl pass and reach the peak via a steep slope.

  • Meeting point: 9am Hotel Gartnerkofel
  • Duration: ca. 4,5 hours
  • Altitude: ca. 400 m

Nordic Walking with Oskar or Monika

The track starts at Gartnerkofel hotel past Tressdorfer Alm pasture to Rossalm pasture and back to the Nassfeld Sonnenalpe pasture.

  • Meeting point: 10am Hotel Gartnerkofel
  • Duration: ca. 2 hours
  • Altitude: ca. 160 m

Our themed hiking tours
aqua-trail “BergWasser”

Play – experience - enjoy: This is what the 1.5 kilometre-family-adventure track on the Madritsche mountain is about. An ideal family outing, even for the youngest, is the “BergWasser” aqua trail you can stroll along with your pram, close to the Millennium express mountain station. There is a lot to discover at the aqua trail:

  • splashing water fountains
  • boats at the pond
  • fun on the trampolines
  • play & fun stations

Trail riding 

It's a kind of different mountain experience! But so much fun for the whole family! The "Rossalm" hike with Noriker horses are guided riding tours with refreshments on the alpine pasture. You can choose between short and long tours and admire the wonderful mountain panorama.

Guided lama tours

Lama tours are for body, mind and soul! You want to do something unusual? Then give it a try! In this year's summer season we offer varied and guided lama tours. You can expect tours with 8 lamas, a parkour with skill exercises and culinary highlights with Frigga and Co. afterwards.

“Almrausch” playground

At the mountain station of the Gartnerkofel quad chairlift, children will find an amazingly huge adventure area with eight stations where they can resolve tricky tasks. The smart foxes Fix & Foxi will be the young visitors’ companions.

Fossil hike

Go on a fossil hunt every with. Our expert guide will show you the trail up to the Kronalm pasture where so far, every single one of our guests could find their personal fossils and take them home as souvenirs.

Dolce Vita Trail

Dolce Vita Trail was planned as an extension to the aqua trail. The round course takes you via Italy back to the Madritschenkofel mountain and is just like the aqua trail a comfortable hiking trail for all the family.

Culinary hike

We hike to the Winkelalm pasture (2-4 hrs) once a week. The three hosts from the Nassfeld show you how to party. After the hike, it’s time for barbecue, great fun and sometimes dance.

In the mood for action?

Our “action mountain” Madritsche can be reached via the Millennium express starting just right behind the hotel. And of course, our guests ride free of charge.

Adventure mile nassfeld

The adventure mile starts right opposite Gartnerkofel hotel and is free for our guests. It offers adventures, cross-border stations with games and fun in Austria and Italy. Don’t miss this – “Fix & Foxi in the Lake Witch’s Realm” are waiting for you.

Climbing while on holiday

Climbing – try out

Under expert guidance and with modern equipment you will learn the correct technique and how to use the climbing gear.

  • costs for our guests: EUR 25.00 per person/duration approx. 2 hours
  • necessary equipment: Mountaineering/trekking boots and sports clothes
  • requirements: from six years, no vertigo
  • participants: maximum nine persons per group

Climbing park Winkelturm

Climb with our guide:

  • Climbing track for pros
  • Winkelturm north face (D/E, difficult and exposed track approx. 180 metres up the Winkelturm/Torre Clampil)
  • Winkelturm east ridge (B/C, short panoramic climbing track along the Austro-Italian border to the Winkelturm peak)

Nassfeld Via Ferrata

Numerous climbing tracks to Rosskofel, Trogkofel, Malurch, Zottachkofel, and Gartnerkofel mountains are waiting for you – attractive routes for beginners and pros alike! You will be rewarded with breath-taking views of the neighbouring mountain ranges.

Rock maze

The rock maze just above Tressdorfer Alm pasture offers fun, thrill and a sporty challenge for all the family. Children start from the age of 8 years or with 110 cm height.

Too much climbing?

Discover even more adventures per mountain bike. We have the best recommendations and offer guided tours starting directly at the hotel.

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