Sauna with breath-taking view of the alps

Exclusive for adults: our Crystal Spa stretches out on 1,500 square metres on 2 levels with 7 different saunas.
Enjoy the mountain view while soft waters, steam, and essential oils will spoil you in comforting tranquillity.

7 saunas for grown-ups only

  • aura sauna with crystals & pine aroma
  • rock sauna with stone oven
  • herbal sauna: moderate temperature, ideal sauna for beginners
  • infra-red cabin: the warming infra-red cabin has positive effects on skin and respiratory tracts
  • saline steam bath: ideal combination of soft warmth and humidity
  • caldarium: relief of muscle tenseness and stress
  • adventure shower: ideal after sauna or spa treatment
  • modern solarium
  • relaxation rooms with waterbeds and wonderful panoramic views

Aura-sauna with crystals

This sauna was built with Tyrolean pine wood. You will love it not only for its stunning mountain panorama, but also for its special glass floor with crystals shining in 50 different colours. During infusion, the room will be illuminated in the chakra colours and the specific mineral associated with every colour. For every gleam of an area, a sound bowl will produce the accompanying sound.

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Hunter's sauna - greetings from the forest

Infusions in the hunter’s sauna are a genuine delight. Benches and walls were built from real Tyrolean pine wood, the sauna is decorated with hunting trophies and paintings, and the water for the delightful infusion comes out of an original hunting gun.

Moreover, the hunter's sauna offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains thanks to its huge panorama windows.

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Infrared cabin

The soothing infra-red light has positive effects on your skin and respiratory tract and helps muscle injuries to heal. It supports detoxification.

Steam bath

The temperature in the steam bath is between 40°C and 55°C, the ideal combination of warmth and humidity loosens cramps, cleanses, soothes, and relaxes.

Rock sauna

The rock sauna is heated from a stone oven radiating heat which is then reflected from the wooden wall panels. The sauna room is furnished with three wooden benches. Every step of the benches corresponds to a special temperature zone.

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Facials & massages

Family holiday or spa breakaway: Massages and beauty treatments are good for your well-being and vitality. Our spa area offers various cosmetic treatments and wellness massages.

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Indoor pool & jacuzzi

Our indoor pool is heated and an important social area after spending time outdoors. You can swim under the waterfall and relax in the nearby jacuzzi.

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Work out with a view of the mountains

Our gym is bathed in light and equipped with the most modern fitness machines – more fun for your workout!

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